The European Union is a failed experiment, nice idea, wrong continent.

With the rise of populism and the right wing, it’s clear to see now how this was inevitable from the beginning. United in diversity? Is that how unity works? The EU concept is a great idea and one that should live on even if it ends in disaster. But the European Union is ironically on the wrong continent for unity.

The idea of Union is an old concept and one that has worked successfully throughout history. Think of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Russia. The main thing these noble nations have in common is a uniting ideology or language with which to de-segregate the population. You can probably see where I am heading with this but it is a point worth making. The thing is that Europe is historically a war-waging, nationalistic collection of countries where citizens are used to the idea of sovereignty, a concept originally dreamt up in Europe. Sovereignty is the greatest enemy of the EU, and Frankly, it’s one of the main reasons for the rise of the right wing in Europe. The population feels a certain lack of parliamentary sovereignty in the EU. This is mainly because of the legal structure of the EU, and how The EU takes priority over a country’s own parliament. Even if this is a sentiment that is often catered towards, it still doesn’t stop the resentment of the EU for this point. To make matters worse language can’t unite Europe, citizens are too used to their own mother tongue and would rather keep their own out of patriotism and convenience. The latter point is less relevant in today’s technological society, but the problem still draws clear boundaries around countries.

Economic diversity is one of the big conversations that is forever going on in Europe. For Europe, shared wealth is a key issue, and it only helps to separate countries even further. Large countries that could advance further are often held back by the economy of poorer or smaller countries, and smaller countries are stifled by the larger economies. Yet again this seeks to drive away any feeling of unity as larger countries start to resent smaller ones. On top of this, the smaller countries become dependent on these dominant economies. The skilled workers of these smaller countries tend to leave their own homes (understandably) to seek out better wages and better job prospects.

In the end, the main issue is nationalism and patriotism aimed towards individual countries, and not the EU Because there is no real common ground that can make citizens say, “I am European”. Most Europeans will say to you “I am from ” because they feel a greater attachment to their own homeland than to this United states of Europe. This brings us to the current scenario of the rise of the right, where immigration is a hot topic. Sadly even though I support immigration the general population has resentment towards it. Immigrants are seen as hostile like bacteria in a body, even if immigrants have a largely positive effect on society, the passionate patriots don’t always see it like that, they see it as an attack on their culture and national identity. 

This to me cuts straight to the core of the dissatisfaction in Europe right now, and why the first domino of Brexit, was just the first the fall.