A comment which sparked an idea for me was this “I feel that on a larger scale the difference between races should not have to be acknowledged as a radical thing because we are all ultimately humans and deserve every single equal opportunity no matter which vagina we happened to fall out of… ” although that isn’t their entire point of view, I think it sums up a viewpoint that a lot of people I have spoken appear to have. I certainly agree with the sentiment, but I don’t think it is a realistic expectation.
The reality is that there is a difference, the place someone is born in will give a vast difference in the way their moral and belief system is created and upheld: people only tend to believe what their parents or peers believe.
When talking about the effects of immigration, both in the country of origin and the new home, three things must be considered; the economic effect on both countries, the effect on the culture, the effect on the general well-being of both populations.
As it is very difficult to define such a subjective idea, I will leave out the general well-being as part of this discussion.
What can be seen, though, is the impact on the economy of both countries. Take for example Poland, compared with a country like the UK, their economy isn’t exactly the strongest, at the time of writing this the Polish złoty is about a fifth of the strength of the pound. Given this, you can understand why many polish citizens would be flocking to the UK for better opportunities. While I believe they should be allowed to do this and should have the ability to, there are certain implications to be considered. For example, what happens when skilled workers permanently leave a country, taking both their skills and their income to a new country, in small quantities obviously minimal impact will happen. But when thousands upon thousands of people flock from or to another that can have a profound influence on both economies, potentially crippling the country they leave by removing some of their most productive workers.

To give an example of the effects of culture, and how it can affect the countries where people move to. One of perhaps the least likely to affect the UK, but certainly a little more extreme in terms of ideas; places like Egypt still practice female genital mutilation at rates as high as on 90% of women (unlike what people like Reza Aslan might suggest) and it’s at the very least accepted as something that happens in other regions, and obviously seen as necessary in other parts of Egypt, often seen as a very progressive country when it comes to female empowerment.
This link shows the statistics of countries which practice and agree with the practice. Egypt actually being one which practices it on approximately 90% of women also according to a UNICEF report carried out on FGM, This link gives information on the study as well as a further link to it.

When you get people who agree with these sorts of practices coming to a liberal country like the UK, that person has two choices, abandon their original views, or force them on the population they arrive in. If it’s one person obviously no change will happen and they will eventually succumb to social pressure, if however, they come in a large group they will keep more of their values… etc. The issue comes when you have whole communities emigrating from somewhere with vastly different value systems to the UK that is at odds with the general population, that then form a new community within that country. This allows them to keep their values. With countries like Poland or Nigeria, that’s not so much of an issue because they have values very similar to the UK and so even if they don’t integrate that much they can still get on with the wider community.

This topic comes off the back of something I’m looking into at the moment; Enoch Powell was an MP for Wolverhampton, seen by some as a godsend, others intelligent, and others a racist, in one of his most infamous speeches he talks about the integration of foreign peoples and the importance of integration. One thing to mention is that he does use words which could be seen as racist in this day and age, but I would like to point out for the purpose of this example that at that time they were seen as mostly acceptable, so I don’t find his use of the words problematic.
The issue he was describing was when you get whole communities who believe the English population are morally corrupt and so attack them for their viewpoints (like we saw with the shootings in Orlando when the gay club was attacked). This is why I believe integration and dialogue with immigrants are key to avoiding these sorts of events, along with a reduction in the overall numbers. The reason for the reduction in numbers is so that the culture which allows us to live happy and relaxed lives in the UK isn’t displaced by communities that come believing it’s ok to throw gay people off roofs (I’m giving extreme examples to prove a point as opposed to saying it will definitely happen in the UK). So that’s my viewpoint on that, something which if not understood fully I can see would be thought of as racist, but the point I’m making is a culture and value based point, which has nothing to do with race.

As a summary, I have included a video showing the real effect of immigration on countries, and how trying to help the world via immigration is little more than shouting into the void, telling people how great you are. Link Here