An article by “We The Unicorns” has sparked an interesting debate. After a recent “Twitter Rant” by JonTron. I’ll do away with the introductions for JonTron. Overall funny guy, and one of my favourite YouTubers.

The first point he makes is that supporting women purely on the basis that they are women, is sexist. I would have to disagree with that statement, but I think the sentiment he was wanting to put forward was “putting any gender above another because of their gender is sexist”. These two being different in the sense that one is simply supporting one gender’s rights, the other is assuming one is better than the other. The reason I make this statement is that I see nothing inherently wrong with supporting your own gender in the issues they face because you will be more aware of them. The sexism that does occur however is when people assume that only white men are the problem, not something that I think is a part of the majority of the movement, but is certainly beginning to creep through the ranks. As I have personally been affected by people calling me sexist for wanting to support men’s rights, and that I should only be supporting women rights because they are “more oppressed”. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant in my opinion, I will help everyone who needs help, but I will focus on men’s rights because these are something I am more intimately aware of.

Now I feel I’ve given a basic outline of my opinion on this issue, I feel I can move more into the meat of the article. They asserted that women in the west are oppressed because “female health services are being defunded” this only effects funding to other countries, not the US (I know this is bad, but I’m trying to point something out and I’ll wrap it up soon). Fears that “Roe v Wade” could be overturned, this is only an assumption, no such move has been made yet, this fear is currently only in the minds of those feeling fearful and not yet real and so does not count as oppression. “rape cases that go uninvestigated” this is due to a staggeringly low amount of evidence in many cases, this isn’t to say that it’s not terrible, but the evidence certainly doesn’t point towards oppression. “Shockingly lenient sentencing for rapists” now this part I can’t claim to understand as someone who is not a Lawyer, on the surface I agree with their claim, but I can’t help but feel that there is likely something more that is going on due to say; minimum and maximum sentencing for certain crimes, it also doesn’t take into account that this person will be put on a sex offenders register, something that would effect them for life. So all in all, most of their claims that women are in fact oppressed are mostly just assumptions and not actually based on facts.

I would also like to point out that they didn’t give the twitter rant any context and just started it from possibly the worst point they could in an effort to make him look bad and them look amazing for championing women (This is a little something called virtue signalling, where you say something just so you can show how great you are). Much of this rant started along with talking about Ewan McGregor saying how he wouldn’t show up to Piers Morgan’s show in light of his tweets about the women march


While I can’t say I agree with these statements, I think Ewan refusing to go onto his show was incredibly childish. If you are not willing to explain a point you made publicly or debate it, don’t say anything at all.

JonTron later came back with


and received a massive backlash saying that if he didn’t support women then he was sexist (no record of him saying like this, even in twitter archives).

His last tweet before starting the rant that was covered in this article about JonTron was:

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 14.45.54.png

Which I think is a more than a reasonable statement to make and goes back to my earlier point. I am shouted down for supporting my own rights as opposed to women’s’ because I am “sexist” not because I understand what needs to be done more for my own gender than for women…

The article then goes on to say “His mini-rant came after Jon voiced his support for Piers Morgan, the journalist-turned-Twitter troll who recently tweeted out against the Women’s March and tried to make it somehow to do with men being oppressed (which, among other things, ignores the huge number of men who took part in the Women’s March).” Already deciding that he was a troll rather than listening to his viewpoint and perhaps realising that he might have a point, but I guess it’s easier to call someone a sexist than actually do your research. Well done for using your platform to virtue signal, rather than report honestly.