In Britain there is one question on everyone’s minds right now, “Is Theresa may doing what’s in our best interests?”. Never mind the media storm set to dethrone Jeremy Corbyn from labour leadership and knock off his cultural crown, but what is Theresa may actually up to? After an extensive google search with the words “What has Theresa may done well” turned up very little other than a satirical news article claiming she’d written Game of Thrones, and killed Osama bin laden with her bare hands I almost gave up hope right there and then (and you know I was being thorough because I went to the second results page). In my frustration, I turned my dread filled gaze towards the Bills passed by the Government in the last 6 months and it’s not the most interesting read. Trust me, I was there. Again it’s not that interesting not until you hit items such as the ‘Investigatory powers act’ which is as controversial as they come and the ‘cultural property act‘ something that should have been passed ages ago and was not a bill initiated by the PMs government. So not a great start to Theresa mays government seeing as polls are pretty low too.

So why am I focusing on the low quality of bills and google results?

When a government faces a low amount of political capital and a “general negative vibe” (technical term) they face anger extremely quickly, people get fed up. Like filling up a balloon with oxygen you can only get so far until the rubber snaps. Given the extreme negativity that Donald trump has faced from the UK, you’d think it wise for the PM to show at least some disdain towards him, to show that she is truly representing the people, a common worry among brits. The thing is that’s not what she’s doing. In fact, if you search for the negative things she has said about the Donald, it returns hundreds of images of them holding hands, which is an interesting reflection of their partnership.

Don’t assume it’s all sunshine and rainbows for the newlyweds, she has come out with at least some negative words. Fairly recently she said that she “does not agree” with Donald trump’s infamous travel ban. Not exactly the strong words of a rival, especially considering that this was a political U-turn on her previous statements where she was careful to criticise the president’s executive order, treading softly on the broken glass that that whole fiasco exploded onto the floor.

So is it a good idea? Maybe and maybe not, with the backdrop of Brexit looming over us like a creepy omnipresent clown, it seems maybe good relations with the US may favour the UK. On the other hand, The PM may have been fermenting a negative haze around her political career, slowly catching up with the former prime minister David Cameron who suffered some of the worst approval ratings of a recent prime minister, so much so that he was booed at during Wimbledon and caused mini riots in his wake. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to distance herself a little given the track record of the conservative and labour governments in recent years. A clever man once said that the actions of politicians seem strange when you don’t see the internal machinery churning away behind them. What may seem odd to us may not be so odd after all once we peer behind the heavy satin curtains to reveal this worn out beastly machine, cogs and all. Even when approval ratings are tanking politicians must see that and I would hope that it keeps them up at night.