As the French Polls come to a close with Macron and Le pen coming so close, the world turns its hesitant gaze towards the second round of voting. Marine v Macron. It’s currently being considered if Right-wing populism is coming to an end, giving some hope to liberal voters. All that we do know for the near future is that the next few months will be critical with what happens to the EU and the UK as we essentially have a second vote here too even though Jeremy Corbyn has made clear he will still try to leave the EU.

When you consider what Right-wing populism is you will see that it’s unlikely it will die quickly, especially in the UK given that it is simply an appeal to the concerns of the masses. The appeal is towards the common individual and not the reasonably well off. Looking at all the recently divisive votes like Brexit and Trump it’s the average earner with lower levels of education that vote in favour of populist movements and as education has been getting more expensive in these countries this makes sense. What is more concerning in my opinion is how the Left-wing, the supposed champion of the working class is failing to draw the masses in. The polls of the UK show a large lead for Right-wing candidates from the working class and minority Left-wing support which should raise a few eyebrows at the least and begs the question, Is labour going to fail?

The most recent UK Polls show that Theresa May has been steadily growing her lead with 44% of the vote from the previous average 42%. The lead is only going to grow if the political climate doesn’t change soon and the left doesn’t embrace more of the common individual’s ideas, a change that is most likely not going to come in the next 5 weeks. The results seem somewhat inevitable without a substantial push from the left to discredit the right and bring back mass-appeal. What do I mean by discredit? Because it certainly isn’t to blame racism, homophobia and sexism as we know how that’s gone in recent years. It would be to acknowledge the other side and provide a meaningful and effective alternative to the movement, rather than to simply ignore it and hope it goes away with fingers in ears yelling “Deplorable”. If you accept that the candidates are so extreme and racist then why are such large parts of the population voting for them? Is it that everyone is racist, or is it that these people feel they have no alternative to vote for? The main cause for landslide support for the conservatives has been from the mess that the labour party has seen themselves in with constant in-fighting and bickering.  As the famed angry comic Jonathon pie put it recently in one of his news-style videos “If poor disenfranchised people aren’t being offered change by the usual suspects then they’ll go elsewhere” considering that the majority of people don’t feel Jeremy Corbyn can follow through with his promises then the votes are sadly not going to go his way no matter how good of a person he is or relatable his policies are. The deciding factor in this next general election will not be policy, it will not be personality, it will be how effectively the leader can wield power and deliver change.