Why Do We Exist?

Don’t worry this won’t be an existential and nihilistic discussion about who we are, and how life is meaningless. No this is a page about this very website and what we stand for.

Hi, Welcome to False Majority. We are a group of politics and technology enthusiasts who don’t know anything other than that we hate bias. Much like how Antimatter annihilates when it collides with regular old matter, we believe the same happens with political bias. So here at False Majority, we smash together different opinions so we can destroy everything that everyone stands for.

…Well not quite, but what we do want to achieve is a fair and balanced Blogsite that anyone can read and come away from feeling challenged and well, not bored. We openly welcome criticism so feel free to comment on our articles.

We Aim to Post Blogs every other Friday, However, when attempting to get the blog just right we might delay. Enjoy.

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